For the first time, thanks to his much despised #VelvetRevolution, ex pres. Kocharyan participates in real election. All past elections where he ‘won’ were fabricated ones. Kocharyan is known for the most blatant #humanrights abuses in #Armenia since country regained independence
Small example (not that further proof needed) showing perfectly well that Kocharyan didn’t change at all: he got extremely angry at journalist Q w a hint of criticism directed at his past rule, & that journalist was from oppos. media. He is the same intolerant & bloodthirsty self
Disgusting to see Kocharyan supporters cheering him in Liberty sq, the very symbol of democracy that he repeatedly crushed during his rule. Anyone who supports him is ok with killing people merely for saying ‘privet Rob’, ok with March 1 bloodshed etc etc. Shameful & 🤮 #Armenia
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