Paper Error



Yesterday I viewed: International Festival of Whistleblowing, Dissent and Accountability

Upon one section in particular. The CIA and topic emerged.
I listened.
The section moved on to Whistleblower issues and so, #Assange

Now I can't penetrate the amount of reading; nor find the relevant areas to begin a study in terms of say, my intellectual/cognitive abilities. Nor to suit my own approaches on the current situation on this planet; & finally, nor encapsulating my range of experiences with it

So, yet. I do have an idea or notions to make a start ...!
The emcumbant problem is relative isolation whilst also sensing the, or gaining any progress until a point of answer(s).

Last Man
The Deviants


It seems intractable to adopt any method for coping with, or say, amelioration of this (personal) condition.
I mean, what to do?
Thought only goes so far in this arena. And, language per se is defunct

Hours Gone
David Allan/Brainville


To be honest, and yet not reveal the outlook or horizon of my view. The current World situation perceived is grim; you know it too
To pontificate from here, to say a judgement is accurate and based upon truth beyond the norm or culled from experience with the facts, is trash

Still, I do seem to have a point of order. I could and may make my move to begin (my) studies using approaches I do seem to have.

So, thanks for reading...

Listen to:

Ocean Mother
Brainville 3

(Try this link or seek wherever you can)


WhatEver, Eh. #11 (playlist)


(There are 95 tracks. I'll add a further 5 as I go along and so end up with maximum 100)

🇬🇧🇦🇺🇨🇦🇳🇿🇺🇲 = now (at the least) I realize and am informed, are part to the problems...!
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