THREAD: On Mothers Day, I thought it’d be fitting for people to remember the incredible story of how outgoing Manchester City legend Sergio Agüero was born.

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Adriana Agüero was 17 when she gave birth to her first child Jessica with her 19-year-old husband Leonel. Finances had always been a problem for them but they managed to get enough material to build a small home.
The house didn’t have running water so Adriana, accompanied by Jessica, would have to walk a distance to fill 20-litre containers.
Adriana became pregnant with her second child and things got incredibly difficult. Heavy storms caused floods in their town which shattered the homes of many. The family had to be evacuated and managed to survive with close to 24 people losing their lives.
They had to sleep on the floor of a religious school and lived through a period of extreme hardship before returning home.
Just when it seemed that life was getting back to normalcy, Adriana’s waters broke just six and a half months into her pregnancy. The local hospital did not know how to deal with such scenarios so the family had to take a strenuous three-hour trip to Buenos Aires.
After switching two buses and a train, they reached the capital where doctors suggested that Adriana had to elongate her pregnancy for as long as possible. Days turned into months as Adriana spent most of her time crying alone in her room with Leonel visiting often.
The struggle doesn’t stop there. When her due date arrived, the doctors revealed that her baby was stuck and suggested the use of forceps but Adriana refused and took the more painful approach of episiotomy.
And at last, Sergio Agüero was born. The doctor who carried out his routine checks told Adriana that “this child was born con un pan debajo del brazo” - with bread under his arm - an old saying meaning the baby would bring the family luck. And he was so, so right.
Sergio was given his mother’s surname as her parents were minors when he was born and could not change it later as intended because their national identity documents were destroyed in the floods. His brothers all have the Del Castillo surname but he has Agüero, and fittingly so.
- From @SamLee’s article ‘The Making of Sergio Agüero’ for Goal
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