A narrative is being peddled that the #COVID19India crisis is due to these factors

1. Modi & Team claimed victory & did nothing
2. Modi allowed election rallies & #Kumbh which caused the #CoronaSecondWave
3. Now @narendramodi is not giving oxygen, medicines & vaccines to states
Let us see what facts can be ascertained by looking at the numbers.

On Feb 1, daily new cases in India had dropped to 85790. Two third of these new cases from the states of Maharastra & Kerala, blessed with best CM & best health minister in the country.

By 15th Feb, daily new cases had risen to 15614. Punjab joined Maharastra and Kerala in the top 3 states and they contributed 12,126 new cases. 78% of all new cases in the country

Kerala had seen high cases even in Dec-Jan period when rest of country was witnessing decline
On15.3, total 24,437 new cases were reported in India, 62% from Maharastra alone. Many of us thought that like in past, this could be contained locally.

Punjab overtook Kerala to claim the number 2 position. Several new cases in Punjab were of highly infectious #UKVariant
By 31.3 new daily cases climbed to 72115 as #coronavirus spread further.

Maharastra was still contributing 55% of new cases but now 6 states had more than >2500 daily cases. With 55 deaths in a day, Punjab was second only to Maharastra. It also had a poor #vaccination record
On 7th April, new daily cases were more than One Lakh (126,276). Chattisgarh which had become the number 2 state now had >10K cases daily.

Total 5 states reported more than 5000 new cases. UK strain had now spread from Punjab to Delhi & UP thanks to so-called #FarmerProtest
By 15th April, the second wave had taken dangerous proportions with more than 2 Lakh new daily new cases being reported in India with MH at the top but 6 states reporting > 10K cases daily.

A tiny state like Chattisgarh had the second-highest fatalities.
One 22.4 more than 2 Lakhs new daily cases were detected with 6 states contributing >15K

The virus was now rampant in Delhi & UP with 'stunning' images of funeral pyres being splashed in global media. Kerala joined the list again. Chattisgarh was still suffering high fatalities
To those who attribute #Corona2ndWave to elections

Corona Second wave started in states which did not have elections
And @BJP4India was only party to agree with EC's suggestion of virtual rallies

A thread on elections impact on #CoronaPandemic https://twitter.com/SatyshivS/status/1383381998517952520?s=20
Similarly, #Kumbh had nothing to do with #CoronaSecondWave in India

It had started well before #Kumbh even started and it did so in Maharashtra and Punjab.

if there was one super spreader event, it was #FarmersProtest, not Kumbh

A thread https://twitter.com/SatyshivS/status/1382399366707564545?s=20
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