OK @kw841 this calls for a rather long explanation, which I hope you have the patience to read. If you do, you will understand at least to some extent why they are up in arms against the new buildings of the houses of government. So, here goes: https://twitter.com/kw841/status/1390728852436094981
1. Please understand that they are not against the Central Vista building work, or architecture, or anything of the sort. They are against it being built by the BJP's NDA, under Modi. If it was Rahul who happened to be PM (excuse me a moment, while I run to the loo to retch)...
2. ...they would be singing songs of praise about its amazing architecture, comparing how the current parliament building is run down, how the PM really needs her own residence, because PV needs to stay at 10 Janpath just in case (cue organ music), and a 1000 other reasons.
3. They spent close to 70 years building up the ecosystem that would help them make money off the existing structures, and surely they wanted to put in place a similar leaching mechanism for new buildings - which, incidentally, were proposed by the Congress corruption cabal.
4. If Modi does it that's going to be a bit of a problem as the babus are no longer that pliable, the halls of parliament not so accessible, and the walls of the rooms not so porous to eavesdropping - at least not by the opposition. So a significant source of control & corruption
5. ...is being cut off. You must understand, the ecosystem that was created extends into all arms of what they call "civil society" - which basically means, friends, dependents, even political/professional slaves, of the Congress party, the Urban Naxal ideologues & assorted
6. ...hangers on, i.e. what has come to be known as the "Lutyens elite" or more colloquially "the Khan market gang". And nothing bothers the Lutyens goondas more than the possibility of any source of income being cut off, especially by these uncivilized, barely English-speaking
7. ...dhotiwallas, knickerwallahs, sanghis... well, you get the drift. This is a big deal. The Khan Market corruptionistas are not about to lie down and die. And what better opportunity to take up the cudgels than when the general public are dying, when Modi is being attacked...
8... from all sides, and when it appears there is some hope of slowing down the progress of the country, in terms of its economy, in terms of its polity & perhaps most importantly...
9. ...in terms of its process of departure from the brutal milliennium just passed, which nearly destroyed
the Dharmic civilization on which it is built. You see, the ecosystem knows very well that retarding the economy and polity is their way to retain relevance...
10. ... not just inside the country, but also outside. The convergence in tone of media articles in the Anglo west & in the mainstream Indian media is not happenstance. It is mutually reinforcing, as our "intelligentsia" (such as it is) drip feeds what the West wants to hear...
11... from them, namely colonostalgic opinions, essays and speeches about how India performs permanently below standards set by them, and their local acolytes. All this is steadily eroding, and what you are seeing is the thrashing about as the ancien regime tries to tell you
12. ... that they are the rightful rulers of India because, after all, who are these chaiwallahs, and other country hicks who could not hold a conversation in some sad London location, where their British counterparts look at them like trained terriers.

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