We need #CentralVistaProject because:

1. Our MPs will increase in 2026
2. Our parliament is not future-ready
3. Its not officially earthquake-proof
4. There is a travel-time between buildings
5. It misses on a lot of new tech, which we can't fit
6. The who area is poorly planned
The new #CentralVistaProject plans to solve all this.

We have been planning this for years and allocating money for it.

How exactly is stopping this project suddenly will help in COVID? Those who are opposing the project, have no answer for it.
They are asking to stop #CentralVistaProject because it sounds good to hear.

The project is not only for current govt. Its for all the future govts. Its for India.

While COVID is a crisis we need to deal with, that doesn't mean everything else should stop.
I am a firm believer, that all things that were planned before and can be continued, must be continued.

Its good for our own sanity and our economy as well.

If you look closely, we are also doing the same in our own lives.

If you are interested to know details of #CentralVistaProject, watch this video:
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