That DJ put that woman through the most. She was out here looking like booboo the fool defending him & standing by her man. Now it’s over but he can’t even grant her dignified closure. And this is without discussing abuse. You can’t tell me this isn’t hate.
This isn’t about money. Or access to kids. Or anything like that. You were a known cheater. Now that you can cut her a check, move on with your life & do it ‘guilt free’, you’re pulling stunts? This is abusive behavior, spitefulness, entitlement.
He can afford to pay her anything she wants plus an inconvenience tax. Just pay and then go on to enjoy his jet set sluttery. Pretend she doesn’t exist. Access your kids through nannies & intermediaries. But no. He wants absolute control until the end. He wants her destroyed.
I know a high net worth couple who got divorced. He cut her a check. She went about her life. He went about his. He’s not bothering her. It could all literally be that simple. But no. If you are entitled and abusive you want to ‘win’ and ‘show her’ 💀
Also there’s nothing more pathetic than cheating husbands showing sudden concern for his kids and access to them once the divorce comes around. Spare us pls. Were you concerned about the affects your actions were having on the family when you were chasing ass?
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