SNL with Elon livetweet starts NOW

Been so long since I've watched broadcast TV wow
Starting with @MileyCyrus singing a song for Mother's Day
These cast members are troglodytes what is this. Zero charisma whatsoever.
They are bringing cast members moms on and the moms are better than the cast
They are showing photos of the cast wearing masks in the opening now. I might not be able to make it, lads.
Elon has arrived
Elon's monologue is pretty flat so far. Talking about his tweets now.
Just made a joke about OJ being a murderer (he is)
Elon's mom is up now. Cute moment of them hugging.
Monologue over. I guess? What even was that.
First sketch is a parody of General Hospital for zoomers called Gen Z Hospital. Everyone has colored hair. Elon is the doctor. The joke seems to be everyone talking in zoomer slang without any comedic timing or energy.
Tanya has never seen SNL before and is looking at me like "why are we doing this"
I used to *love* SNL. This isn't SNL.
Uh oh
Next sketch is an Icelandic TV talk show which is a completely shameless ripoff of Mike Myers's famous Sprockets
Now there's a sketch about SE Pennsylvania accents but they're not doing them even close to right. I'm from the county right next to Delco and...yeah no.
They've made an incest joke in almost every sketch so far...awkward
Miley back up now. Tanya goes, "My gosh what the heck is up with her hair"
They mixed up Pittsburgh and Delco smh
What's up with the openly racist Weekend Update host?
Weekend Update just made a joke about Trump being too old to lead the GOP

He is 3 years younger than Joe Biden
Weekend Update isn't even trying to make jokes. Just straight up selective bigotry for the first 5-6 beats against Trump supporters, Caucasians, and Christians.
Michael Che made a joke about police shootings just hours after a criminal shot up a crowd blocks away in Times Square, hitting 2 women, and a 3-year-old girl
Elon is now on as a financial manager, Michael Che pulled out a dollar and asked what dogecoin is.

Elon, "It's about as real as that dollar"

Best line of the night.
Now we get this:
Tanya just dipped out. "This isn't interesting"
Did they just show Luigi, a children's character, getting erect?
The absolute state of SNL
12:45 and they *finally* are running a SpaceX sketch
The SpaceX sketch was awful and made no sense
There's now a Wild West sketch that pokes fun at Elon's eccentricities but also his intelligence which is actually alright.
And that's it!

Maybe I'll watch SNL again in another 20 years, but probably not
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