In 1952 a constellation of racist and anti-semitic far right groups, calling themselves "Nationalists," gathered before the GOP convention in Chicago with the hopes of getting their man, General MacArthur, nominated. They thought Eisenhower was a RINO.
"So much hate material was passed out around the convention hotels that a majority of all pro-MacArthur stuff originated among the Nationalists. They pushed aggressively into the Republican convention structure and made themselves very much at home."
"Approximately 200 delegates from various 'patriotic' groups gathered to plan strategy for the big convention. A rift was caused by the question of how much overt anti-Semitism should be used and it was this disagreement which caused the Nationalists to split into two factions."
The larger faction wanted MORE overt antisemitism. "Mrs. Van Hyning said she felt she could not expose the Communist 'secret government' without mentioning Felix Frankfurter, Anna Rosenberg, and Herman H. Lehman."
The smaller faction, in favor of LESS overt antisemitism, thought that they should focus more on the racism. The "main emphasis should now be placed on 'white supremacy' rather than on 'the Jewish question.'" --Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, 25 July 1952
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