Would you learn something just for the sake of learning? Even though it has no practical application to your life atm whatsoever?
More specifically, do you find the process of learning enjoyable by itself at all?
We read books (fiction and non-fiction) because we enjoy it. We go for morning jogs because it's healthy and we enjoy it. Why don't we proactively learn just for the sake of learning?
I wonder how many people on average find the process of learning enjoyable? Why do some find it more enjoyable than others? Were they always that way? Did this change about their mind/personality at some point in their life?
Information is abundant and easily accessible to us now. Is it possible to push "learning new things" as a more popular mainstream hobby or lifestyle? Like running? Can we shift society to think of learning as something you do purely for yourself? For your own mind?
Learning a new language. Learning to code. Learning designing, playing musical instruments, math, chemistry, history, economics, anything and everything
Some of us already do this, but can society encourage the common man to take this up the way we have successfully done with bicycling and running?
Learning is cognitively demanding. It's not instantly stimulating and gratifying the way watching a TikTok might be. But it's the same with running/cycling, it's physically demanding and takes time to enjoy it. But a lot of people today push themselves to cycle and run
Because society has strongly encouraged running / cycling as a very healthy habit and behaviour, that you do for your personal benefit. The same needs to happen with learning. Self-learning specifically
Can you even imagine what the world would be like with a society full of people with growth mindset and an active lifestyle of learning anything and everything continuously throughout their life?
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