// so me and @B4DDR3AMS were talking and we had big brain idea

(entire thread is ooc )
at first it just began with naomi being a dipshit and giving Jotaro these.
and then it evolved with me having dumb brain
we debated for a bit as to what would happen and what exactly Naomi would use them as blackmail for..
Until we decided on that she would use it to do stupid shit with him.

It spiraled furthermore..
We came to the conclusion that she'd make him reenact this, but with a twist. .. (best version i could find )
Obviously she's be in Jessica's place and Jotaro would be the Mom.
This is where the real problems kicked in.

Who would be Mr. Wilson? And would they still be a teacher?
We decided no, and came up with this ( one per ship )

If it were Ruby, it would be ; "Did you sleep with that one snake girl with the wack ass stand ???"
If it were Kakyoin, it would be ; "Did you sleep with that fucking dumbass redhead??"
If it were Jack, it would be ; "Did you fuck that giant ?! "
If it were Selena, it would be ; " Did you sleep with that blondie? "
If it were Dee ( Crazy Diamond lmfao ) ; "Did you bang a literal stand?!"
Now for the honorable mentions..
If it were Kakyoin and Ruby ; "did you sleep with those fucking redhead stand users?!"
If it were Ruby and Jack it'd be; "Did you sleep with those goddamned stand users??"
And obviously, the music would stay the same.

End thread.
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