Test-drove a Tesla Model 3 today. It's truly inspiring the amount of human ingenuity and innovation that went into making something as simple as driving a sedan so complicated that you need a full tutorial on things like how to adjust the mirrors or open the glovebox
From the moment you slide into in the driver's seat of the futuristic Tesla Model 3, it's clear that a team of brilliant engineers and designers has reimagined every aspect of the automobile from the ground up with one singular goal in mind: How can we make this shit *confusing*
Despite some initial setbacks, I was feeling pretty slick after I successfully adjusted the left mirror by tapping the correct 3-icon sequence on the touchscreen and twiddling the left knob on the steering wheel. Then I twiddled the right knob to adjust the right mirror but NOPE
You can tell that the thoughtful designers at Tesla have considered your every need, like how they put YouTube on the touchscreen just in case you need to pull over and watch a tutorial on how to adjust the mirrors and open the glovebox
One of the dazzling features of the Tesla Model 3 is autopilot mode. Simply enter your destination on the touchscreen, touch a button called "Navigate via autopilot," and watch as your car stays magically in the same lane while missing your exit and somehow blaming you for it
A low point of my first Tesla Model 3 drive occurred when I tried to exit the vehicle by opening the door with the door handle. This is NOT OK and the vehicle quickly beeped an error message informing me that I may have literally ruined this $45,000 spacecar that I cannot afford
The hidebound designers at a lesser automaker may have bought into the conventional thinking that manually opening a car door should accomplishable without damaging the window trim. But Tesla refuses to insult our intelligence; a true Tesla owner would never manually do anything
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