I feel it is very misleading for anyone to discuss the GOP's current "audits" without mentioning every single time that,

(a) Beginning in 2000, the GOP has blocked all efforts to assess the legitimacy of poll-defying Republican victories; ... 1/
(b) The GOP also blocked the SAFE Act election-security bill, which would have required Risk Limiting Audits for all federal races in 2020, including the GOP's unexpected sweep of "tossup" House races and poll-defying Senate victories in Maine and NC... 2/
The Republican party leadership has shown a willingness to lie and distort the truth on election integrity (eg., vulnerabilities = proof "Trump won,"  the myth of mass voter fraud, the "intelligence expert" who wasn't an intelligence expert, ... 3/
... the intelligence contractor who was a pro-Trump podcaster, swapping Minnesota data with Michigan data, Dominion = ES&S, Dominion = Smartmatic, "we are the election-security victims even though we blocked election security legislation"). 4/
There are objective reasons to doubt their good faith, which is crucial context. Ignoring that does not bring us closer to election integrity. Cherry-picking which races and vendor to audit will never give a clear picture of the integrity of the election overall. TY. 5/
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