Tucker Carlson interview with Dr Peter A McCullough - Clips

1/ Where Is The Focus on COVID Treatment?

2/ Why Is Early Treatment Being Surpressed?

3/ What Medications Are Being Used in Early Treatment?
“You're here because someone sent me video tape of testimony that you gave before the Texas Senate on Covid. And you asked a question that I don't think anybody asked ever.[Clip.]

Amazing. Where is the conversation about the treatment of C19? Why aren't we talking about this?” https://twitter.com/tatianaschild/status/1391187460126777349
"The average person... thinks there's no treatment... Where's the focus? There's such a focus on the vaccine. Where's the focus on people sick right now?”

Must watch - Dr Peter A McCullough testimony given before the Texas State Senate HHS Committee
Tucker Carlson interview with Dr Peter A McCullough on COVID early treatment - more clips

8/ COVID Early Treatment is Working, So Why the Single Minded Focus on Vaccines

9/ Something Is Up. Therapeutic Nihilism is Worldwide
Official preview https://twitter.com/tatianaschild/status/1390867662440333313?s=20
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