The Democrat Party cannot win elections by running on their Marxism.

So they cobble together coalitions of Americans who Democrats try to convince are victims.

And Democrats get very angry when racial minorities, women, or LGBTQ community members dare to think for themselves.
For example, Black Americans make up 13% of the population.

They vote 95% Democrat.

Democrats know that if Republicans win 15% (instead of 5%) of the Black vote, Democrats have a very hard time winning key elections. (1.3% overall swing changes the outcome of many elections.)
How do we think President Trump won Michigan in 2016?

That won’t show up in exit polling, because there is so much social stigma for Black Americans to admit they voted for a Republican.

Could this be a reason that Democrats stoked so much racial unrest—including riots—in 2020?
Exhibit A:
You don’t think Democrat party bosses are evil enough to do this?

They’ve colluded with teachers’ unions — for decades — to keep poor Black kids trapped in failing public schools.

And they’ve even closed down many of those schools for over a year, using Covid as a bogus excuse.
How about Democrat party bosses colluding with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, whose founders used abortion as a tool of eugenics to kill unborn Black babies?

See opinion by Justice Clarence Thomas:
And guess which party was the party of slavery and Jim Crow?

That’s right, the Democrats.

Guess which party ended slavery and Jim Crow?

That’s right, the Republicans.
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