Q: What is a tankie?

A: A tankie is someone who chooses to focuses most of their foreign policy criticisms on the most powerful and destructive government in the world.
If that were true people wouldn't call people like me a tankie all the time. https://twitter.com/hiberno_saxon/status/1391172962355761152?s=20
"That's not what tankie means!"

It's the way that term is now used. I've got nothing to do with Stalinism; I'm not even a Marxist. My opposition to imperialist agendas against Russia and China have nothing to do with communism whatsoever. Yet I get called a tankie every day.
People are being actively trained to use "tankie" as a pejorative to protect imperialist narratives by MSM narrative managers.
And this propaganda tool emerges just in time for the US empire's new cold war escalations against Russia and China, naturally. https://twitter.com/caitoz/status/1391178345946050562?s=20
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