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While I originally wanted to include Kun, as it turns out he has not subscribed to the Pro Unlimited program. So while he won’t profit here, listening to him is still good moral support to encourage his musical endeavours.
Please note that at this time I am assuming that TY being on SoundCloud means he was able to produce and publish independently from SM (they are not credited in his work on sc)
Recently, SoundCloud unveiled their revised Premier program.

Under this new programming (starting Apr 1st) artists who post on SoundCloud independent from a label will actually earn more directly from their fans than other platforms— let me explain.
Most music streaming platforms use pooled revenue.

Meaning all revenue across all artists gets pooled and distributed according to their “share” of streams.

Rather than your streams directly profiting your favourite artists a lot of it can go to people you don’t listen to
Popular artists who have a larger share of all streams will technically earn more per stream than other artists. (Refer to picture below)

So top artists like Drake, Billie Eilish, etc will earn majority of streaming revenue...sort of...
I say sort of because in the case of streams most often the label will actually take most of the money (but that’s not the focus of this thread so let’s move on)
Some might argue that outwardly this distribution model seems “fair”— popular artists should technically be making more, because more people are listening to them, right?

Well not really, because this method has incentivized inflated streams that steal from the “Bottom 98%”
Rather than an artist’s profit reflecting their popularity, it reflects how many times a song has been streamed for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Most people point fingers at stream farms, but the introduction of mass streaming from Kpop fans has made this more common among consumers
Now arguably intl fans took this behaviour from kfans. The difference is that kfans used Korean-limited platforms that accumulate less overall streams across less songs.
To phrase it another way: the total revenue on a Korean platform is distributed among less people than a global platform. More money among less people vs less money among more people.

However some Korean platforms are changing to compete w/ Sp*tify.
What makes SoundCloud so great though?

Well, Souncloud introduced fan-powered royalties. If you are a paid subscriber who listens to TY most of the time, most of your money goes to TY.
As a disclaimer: SoundCloud does take 45% of that money.

However, they are actually paying publishing royalties with this money and ultimately only keep 25%.
There are also only certain fans that can benefit SoundCloud artists through the Premier program (refer below)

However, artists from anywhere in the world that accepts paypal can profit from these listeners
I’m actually thinking this is why TY is on SoundCloud in the first place (and as TY rather than Taeyong). I see people asking for Sp*tify, but releasing a song on other streaming platforms might not be as beneficial to him unless he comes out with a full album.
SM has limitations for their artists creative freedom when it comes to official releases. So TY being able to do this independently (with only one other collaborator I’m seeing) could benefit him.... BUT
I am saying all of this assuming SM is not taking money under the table. I figured they aren’t getting anything bc they aren’t credited and TY hasn’t gotten verified yet despite being beyond qualified. Not to mention the SC process is super informal. But who knows...
Even if SM did take a portion, he would probably still get more than he would if this were on released sp*tify without official promotion instead.
Anyways, that is all! I also recommend watching this
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