A few brief thoughts about the recent BC CDC leaks. Can't figure out if these Qs have been covered:
1. Who if anyone has asked CDC & PHO to immediately release all these reports going back 4 mos. at least? The data doesn't need to be massaged; it provides its own context;
2. All year, some have deflected from the PHO's Swedish-style strategy & opacity by saying she was being pressured by the BC govt. Much as I oppose her methods & evasions, it is interesting that Horgan & Dix aren't now being made to wear this mess too, only DBH and Gustafson...
We heard from several sources that prior to the BC CDC going out on its own with its statement that #COVIDisAirborne, there had been convos between BC govt & CDC that largely excluded DBH. Are Horgan & Dix preparing to throw DBH under the bus, & will it get them off the hook?
It's just very interesting that the press corps which has largely been cheerleading Dix and Henry all year are suddenly turning - but not on everyone. Is this coincidental or by design?
Eg. Former govt staffer friend suspects the BCCDC leak came from political staff at MoH. 'Dix & Horgan have effectively evaded scrutiny, & this feels like planned hijinx to allow DBH to fall by her own hubris & allow Dix to continue doing what he does best, stay relatively clean'
"In my experience in government, significant leaks are managed by political staffers."
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