Artur and Dawid Pawlowski Arrested. 1/
Kevin Johnston, in reaction, makes more threats towards AHDS including a suggestion that he will arm himself and visit AHS workers' homes personally. I'll see what I can do about getting those clips when the livestream ends. 6/
From earlier in the day as the Pawlowskis and their cult refuse to adhere to health orders.

This is from Johnston's livestream. Takes a call from Rebel Media during it. 7/ 8/
A reminder that not only are the Pawlowski bros grifters, but so are those associated with them. 11/
Case in point, Kevin Johnston who claims to hate the media but love publicity. 12/
Some inadvertent honestly from from one of KJJ's supporters. 14/
So I have Johnston's live feed. He continues to target the AHS worker (whose name and location I've cut out). 15/
More worrisome is that his threats towards AHS employees escalate. In his deluded belief he will be elected mayor of Calgary, he promises to arm himself and go after AHS employees if the police won't do it themselves. 16/
During the live feed they take a call from Rebel Media interested in their video footage. 17/
Johnston makes what might be a bit of a Freudian slip and reveals they are "the lucky ones" to have Artur's phone to be able to potentially benefit from the content. 18/
Continuing the police serve Pawlowski, resulting in the following performance.

Also is seems that Kevin is no longer a "back the blue" proponent. 19/
Apparently not only do AHS employees and @nenshi need to be arrested for... reasons I guess, but now the entirety of the Calgary City Council because, again, reasons. 20/
Is it ironic that a man shilling for a cult calls Apple products, used by the head of that cult, a cult?

It is like a dumber version of "Inception." 21/
In the building, Johnston asks Artur a series of questions, including those embracing anti-vax conspiracy theories suggesting that those who have been vaccinated are now "super spreaders" and there is a genocidal plan to kill off conservative Christians. 22/
Somehow the thread was broken. I continued it here at 23/
A reminder that Artur Pawlowski believes relatively minor inconveniences aimed at keeping people from getting sick equals a totalitarian dictatorship. 22/
For people who hate the media, they sure like seeing themselves on the news.

Also, Covid Kevin (allegedly) also doesn't think social distancing works either. 23/
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