I'm proud to declare May 8 to 15 as Women’s Health Week in Alberta.

This is the first time in Alberta – and in Canada – that government is dedicating a week to raising awareness and a greater understanding of the unique health needs of women. 1/4
#abhealth #WomensHealthWeek
Women’s health issues are unique, and women should feel safe & supported to discuss their concerns with their health care provider.

@GoAHealth is working with @AHS_media to improve reproductive health services & outcomes across the province – especially for vulnerable women. 2/4
@GoAHealth provides over $2M in annual funding to 5 community organizations across Alberta & $4M annually to community organizations.

This inaugural Women’s Health Week, I encourage all AB women to access the many health services and resources provided across the province. 3/4
If you have concerns about your health, please reach out to your health care provider. They are there to listen.

I want to thank the Women's Health Coalition for their continued advocacy and support for women across this province. 4/4
#abhealth #ableg #WomensHealthWeek
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