📌August 2018
Recall: @JackPosobiec is a literal nazi AND a Russian asset.

This is Jack engineering a hostile takeover and cover up of QAnon.

Jack was a founder of #MAGA3X which *started* QAnon.
Jack was ALSO a friend and co-conspirator of MAGA Coalition which “battled” QAnon.
The takeover began on 8/8/18. Recall that “88” has a great deal of significance to this criminal.

He used those numbers whenever he could although I think @OANN told him to chill a little on the nazi shit. https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1348449885549330432
I noticed this date early on. In context now, it makes perfect sense.

Here is the keybase account of the “grifters” Jack was talking about. They got the keys taken out of their hands on 8/8/18. The name of the account was “qntmpkts” https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1319389262853345281
This video features Jack threatening to “out Q” on 8/2/18 with a *doctored image* falsely tying #PatheticHobo Thomas Schoenberger to qntmpkts.

This is six days before that account changed hands. ☝️ https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1319388087823306753
Also this article came out on exactly 8/8/18. It features a mysterious person named Thomas, who is transparently Thomas Schoenberger. I guess they got the memo about the date.

Typical disinfo. This is 90% true, but the 10% flips the meaning of the rest. https://www.dailydot.com/debug/what-is-q-cicada-larpers-qanon-white-rabbit/
There are at least 20 articles about this topic in August 2018, some of which had “exclusives” that posited different competing theories about the origins of QAnon.

This was a planned disinformation offensive, and it worked.
“Artist-designed Hoax” 🙄 https://news.artnet.com/opinion/q-anon-hoax-1329983
On August 9th, new “Q” goes ahead and brags about the takeover.

Previews are over.
Q” https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1319390063508262912
This is a confession.

Jack is saying that he’s known the people who started QAnon since “Cleveland” - which is the RNC in 2016.

It is well documented that many of the people involved in MAGA influence ops met there. After all who was giving a speech? The boss, Mike Flynn.
Here Posobiec is referring to the people he “exposed” as Q - Microchip and Dreamcatcher.

Conveniently, “Microchip” is a LARP with many users (although there WAS an original Microchip for a few crucial years.)

And where is #MAGA3X chud James Brower? 🤷‍♂️
Jack’s still here tho. 🤡
Jack is extremely knowledgeable about QAnon. This is all quite accurate. However, by “subverted” he means that he didn’t like who they handed the LARP to.

After the first few drops, Jack was just one voice in the discord.
Then it went to Tracy Diaz, Corsi and Patriots Soapbox.
So, to be clear, Jack is not saying that QAnon is a fraud, he is saying the people who monetize it are frauds.

Jack works with white supremacist memelord Jeff Giesea who wrote a document for NATO on memetic warfare.

He wants it back to *make it better*
More context from the HBO documentary. Posobiec is close to Roger Stone who handles Corsi.

Remember, Corsi got shitcanned along with Patriots Soapbox in the takeover.

Posobiec and Roger together, right after Roger had been arrested for lying to the FBI about wait for it... Russia. 🇷🇺

Corsi, unfortunately for him, is collateral damage at this point.
Roger and Poso are firmly in charge.
Now, let’s bring it a little closer to Q.

The *only* “journalist” that Jim Watkins spoke to after 8chan shut down was Jack Posobiec in his official capacity as propagandist for @OANN.

Watch to the end. The irony is that two months later 8chan went live on a Russian host.
To wrap up, there is a lot of propaganda damage about Russia. Everyone hates to hear about it - that big lie was *relentless*. It has been impossible to get around it. And it continues.

You cannot imagine the volume and intensity of trolling I have gotten about it.

No, really.
Was QAnon a “Russian psyop?” That’s the wrong construction. It’s used as a scare phrase to make people look crazy.

QAnon was a conspiracy among *Americans*, many of whom have deep, longstanding connections to the Russian government.

Also, yeah, it was a psyop.
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