A better Canadian Way?

We need a judicious approach to values that matter: equity & academic freedom.

Binaries, either/or, unhelpful

Don’t @ me: I said *judicious*.
I read/weigh everything, friends & critics alike, incl. on whether academic-administrators have academic freedom
I read the careful research of @uabpols Dax D'Orazio
“Expressive Freedom on Campus and the Conceptual Elasticity of Harm” @CJPS_RCSP (2020)

“theories of harm are key to understanding the contemporary discourse and politics of expressive freedom on campus” https://cup.org/3esPaQr 
Anver Saloojee “Balancing academic freedom and freedom from discrimination,” in Contested Spaces, Academic Freedom in Conflict (2014): 205-17

“takes the position that scholarly work felt to be racist should not be defended in the name of academic freedom” https://canadiancoursereadings.ca/product/balancing-academic-freedom-and-freedom-from-discrimination-in-contested-spaces/
Racism Vs Academic Freedom

“In depriving subordinated groups of equal freedom and opportunity to influence..inquiry, the academy..undermines..goal for which academic freedom is supposedly instituted..pursuit of..understanding..reasoned argument..evidence” https://againstthecurrent.org/atc032/racism-vs-academic-freedom/
Praxis of a great university

🤔Are students/academics/staff/administrators accountable/req to adhere to human rights & codes of fair conduct?

🤔Can a physician who is an administrator suspend the Hippocratic Oath?

🤔Can a scholar who is an administrator ignore research ethics?
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