“In all, nearly 6 million U.S. renters owe nearly $20 billion in back rent.” Enormous disaster.

We need a GND for Housing, now. Bail out tenants, not landlords. Build a ton of green social housing. Retrofit 10s of millions of homes—slash bills, emissions. https://news.berkeley.edu/2021/05/07/are-renters-and-the-u-s-economy-hurtling-toward-an-eviction-cliff/
Mainstream housing policy debates are about tweaks + nudges. We need a wholesale reconstruction of the system. The levels of suffering are insane; and housing inequality is a massive engine of racial inequality, and a driver of climate breakdown. We need so. much. change.
Stop listening to the experts who are selling baby steps + gradualism. Listen to the tenants who are sick and tired of needless misery, and who are fighting their asses off to #cancelrent during this crisis, and a #homesguarantee policy framework overall. https://homesguarantee.com 
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