I dont know if you noticed this and i wrote it once before. 💖 i feel like the reason why they both go lowkey is because M is doing his best to protect G. It took me months to figure out . At first i thought they both wanted to be more recognized as a soloist but #สุบสิดคลั่งรัก
Something is off. Its definitely not that. There are times they accidentally spilled some teas for us (esp. their friends / crew) . They also keep thanking our support (waanjais) and that they wishes us to stay for a long time . So no. Its not about solos 👁👄👁
I kept thinking and finally i figured all the puzzles out on april 4th 🤣.

If you noticed, they start to be lowkey at the later end of last year. I believe M is aware that G is signing contract with ch3 . Idk how lgbt is viewed in Thai but as of what i heard, the ...
Elder generations are not quite open to it yet. CH3 is a nation wide channel. I believe M been keeping his distance to prepare for this.
To make it simpler , M is protecting G. 😭💖 his pure soul and love is ... on another level man..
I never once doubted their relationship by they way. I can tell from their eyes, they love one another.... so... so.. very much🥺💖
When M said if he falls in love, he gives everything — its true..

he chooses to stay with his plan to protect G despite the hates he gets. I still remember how TSS accuse of M (and sadly, they still do sometimes).

I hope one day they’ll realize the power of love from MG 🤣
Meanwhile G..... 🤣💖 the boy.... is soooo freaking in love with M . Thats why he’s being ‘secretly’ loud . HAHAHAHHA cuz he is claiming the man , guys.

Well, i completely understand G. If i were you, i would too. I WISH YOU BOTH ALL THE BEST , MEWGULF! STAY IN LOVE NAA~ ☺️💖
I made a video for the song M gave to G btw — it was spilled by the TTTS Crew. Feel free to watch if you miss MewGulf ☺️💖
I made the clips out of real moments. If you’re a waanjai, you’ll get the story line for sure. ☺️💖
Enjoy!! And hmm maybe i should do edit for ILYM too https://twitter.com/hwiu_mgpfg/status/1383347547373150208
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