Thank you to all who voted for me and to my supporters. Your enthusiasm was hugely motivating. Heartfelt thanks to you all. Running a ground campaign when the airwaves were dominated by big parties was always going to be a challenge 1/4
We raised issues that thousands care about on housing (particularly 2nd homes/young people) & local democracy. These issues will not go away. Such matters dominated my conversations with voters but were not front and centre in this election. 2/4
I committed to Iomairt an Eilean that elected or not, I would work with them to try and fix the scandalous housing crisis that has been with us for decades. And I will honour that committment 3/4
The paucity of serious debate was illustrated by the fact that the SNP policy on 2nd homes was the planning policy of St Ives in Cornwall. That the Isle of Skye has less power that an English Town Council cuts to the heart of the structural changes needed in political power. 4/4
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