In Colombia, a protest that began as a pushback against more taxes is into its 11th day as anger over poverty, inequality, and police brutality fuel demonstrations across the country
Hundreds of people gather in Parque Nacional before taking to the streets to March – bei Parque Nacional
Over a thousand people marching in Bogota, Colombia
Protestors have been met with police brutality, at least 26 people have died since the start of demonstration.

Chant “why, why do you assassinate us?”
Protesters lay on the road as a demonstration of those killed by the government
Chant: “why, why do you assassinate us, when we’re the hope of Latin America?”
“Fresco Amigo”
Bogota, Colombia day 11
The crowd size is about 3 city blocks in length
An older man looks on as the youth march past
Pre-covid, this is one of those streets you’d see highlighted in lonely planet.
The march is big enough that there are separate chants going on in different sections
Bogota, Colombia
Street vendors chant along with the crowd
Protestors are filling the Plaza de Bolívar
Speaker “we’re not going to sit down and negotiate with police”
Viva el Paro Nacional headbands for sale
Bogota, Colombia day 11
Watching the protestors in Bogota, Colombia
In a different part of The city, hundreds of protesters take a bridge
Protestors at Plaza de Hoja close off one side of a bridge, some cars in the opposite lane honk in support – bei Plaza de La Hoja
A banners demanding accountability “Who gave the order?”
Over 1,000 people on the bridge
“Duque Chao! Duque Chao!!”
At a mall near the protest, security shutters the doors.
Mallplaza closed its entrance facing protesters, likely fearing looting.

It’s now raining outside, causing protests to scatter.
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