It's alleged that my turban was referred to as a "rag" by a former MP
I'm no stranger to hate and I know many of you aren't either
But this isn't about me - it's about systemic racism in the halls of power and having the courage to confront it
It's about the RCMP refusing to acknowledge systemic racism while Trudeau stands by and does nothing
It's taking a knee, but not taking a stand
It's the refusal to ban carding
It's the failure to end boil-water advisories
It's empty words, without action
The problem isn't that someone referred to my turban as a rag
It's that the government keeps taking Indigenous kids to court
It's that we keep seeing images of brute force exerted on Indigenous & Black bodies
It's the refusal to expunge records for pot possession
This runs deeper than allegations of racial slurs
It's about how we treat one another
The decisions that are made - and the failure to make the right ones
And, for every Canadian that has experienced hate - it's why I'll keep fighting and never back down
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