The most important commodity in the next weeks, months and years is Scottish public opinion and how Scots assess the interaction and confrontation between Westminster and Holyrood.
At the moment the Scottish public does not prioritise a referendum, which gives Boris Johnson a lot of political space to resist it. But in so doing, the clear risk for No 10 is that over time it antagonises Scots and public opinion shifts.
That's why people are misunderstanding the majority pint. It's Scottish public opinion on a referendum which the PM will find most difficult to resist, rather than the SNP's mandate, whatever its form. Had the SNP won a maj, Johnson's response would likely have been the same.
Better to understand the pro-indy maj in the Scottish Parl as a necessary pre-condition for Nicola Sturgeon's prosecution of the next stage. An SNP only maj would have made that precondition stronger but it doesn't extinguish it, far from it.
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