People move to Tacoma to escape the growth in Seattle not realizing that they are moving somewhere and are “the growth” they were trying to escape.
Density isn’t about buildings it’s about people. A bunch of ppl moving from Seattle to Tacoma will cause more traffic, will cause rents to rise, will cause zoning changes as people try to build more housing downtown to accommodate the new residents.
If you refuse to change the zoning the single family homes will be torn down and new more luxury ones will go up and no new units of housing will be produced which means wealthier renters will outbid existing renters for their same apartments.
Seattle not changing the zoning in 75% of the city has driven people to move to Bellingham and Tacoma and other places. People make tough decisions based on the cost of living. Those other cities are not able to keep up with the need for homes for new neighbors.
+ tax the rich and build public housing.
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