I get advised on tone from time to time by my peers on this here website which is fine. This is the public sphere. It's absolutely your right to do so. My message inre "Conservatism" to all within range of my voice is actually a simple one: "stop enabling incompetent villains" /1
That's right: "stop enabling incompetent villains." Not "come vote for Party X or Y." When the time comes to endorse a politician that I believe in enough to make such a recommendation I'll do so. Gladly. Repeatedly. All day. But in the meantime just stop making things worse /2
A sizeable portion of "Conservative" voters vote that way reflexively under our era's most gobsmackingly false misapprehension: that "Conservatives" are in any way competent (let alone superior) at managing money for anybody other than the already very rich. It's killing us /3
I'm game for alternative ways of calling out "Conservative" serial incompetence/villainy other than directly & forcefully but have yet to hear anything I find compelling. Otherwise I'd utilize it. Kumbaya has not yet and will never get it done. So YOU tell ME a wiser approach /4
How'll you defeat the self perpetuating lie about "Conservatives" being competent with money that travels downhill with purposeful reinforcement from the very rich, through the CEOs & management & finally down to employees, each layer swallowing an increasingly shittier deal? /5
I often invite my "Conservative" peers to look at their fellow travellers. While I know for a fact not all "Conservatives" are racist climate-denying covidiots, I also know if you ARE a racist climate-denying covidiot & you vote, like it or not, we all know who you vote for /6
You think you can change "Conservatives" minds by being super nice about it, that's fine. I'll speak unvarnished truth in terms that'll stick with 'em for a long time & point out real-world disastrous occurrences that are a direct result of their serially bad voting decisions. /7
Trump isn't some freak occurrence on the "Conservative" landscape, he's an inevitable byproduct. So is Kenney. And Drug Ford. We need to figure out how to start countering all this because at some point the villains acquire competence & the next inevitable byproduct is Fascism /8
So that's my Ted Talk. Thanks for coming. Now please, in the name of all you hold dear, stop enabling the Incompetent Villain Party.

Now here's a cute baby goat.

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