If Africans know how much money is available for sustainability-related innovations, they will stop trying to do payment apps.

There is more than $80Trillion yes ”T”, looking for such projects globally as it has left the fossil fuel industry. Solar is literally the new oil.
The existential African problem is the one Africans are not even focused on yet and it is climate change.

Ground Zero will be the our tropical coastal communities then more desertification which will reduce arable land and lead to more conflicts. War will become constant.
The current Nigerian problem of conflict is more climate-related than ethnic or religious. As I keep saying, people busy making money don't have time for wars. When there are fewer resources, it almost always leads to more conflict.
If you look at the Niger Delta conflict, it coincided with when Rubber prices plunged internationally as Asian Tigers collapsed. Billionaires were created from rubber when it was in high demand. Malaysia produces more of it now and palm oil. We used to produce a lot of both.
As oil prospecting and has flaring ruined our Niger Delta communities, other cash crops like rubber became worthless. Palm requires a lot more attention and time than rubber. Those forests are still being destroyed daily. My maternal grandfather once owned a rubber plantation.
That plantation is gone now as people encroached on it to do farms and build houses. Those farmers are now being attacked by herdsmen and forests turned into hideouts for kidnappers. Nigeria is a time bomb and famine is what we are playing with.
There is money available globally to help but we have ignorant people making our laws and policies.
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