Silicon Valley has remained one of the most unequal regions in the U.S. -- and for many midlevel engineers, food truck workers and longtime residents, it has become increasingly inhospitable. 
Between them, Ravi and Gouthami have multiple degrees. Although the couple has worked hard and they make good money — their starting salaries were about $90,000 each — they feel that a future in Silicon Valley eludes them. 
Diane and her late husband moved to the Bay Area over 30 years ago. Since then, she has watched the area change: “It’s overcrowded now. It used to be lovely, you know — you had space, you had no traffic. Here it was absolutely a gorgeous place." 
Victor had to leave his apartment when the rent got too high. Now, he lives in Mountain View in a trailer, which doesn’t have electricity or running water, but the custodians in his old apartment often sneak him in to bathe and wash his clothes. 
Konstance won a place in a lottery run by Facebook that offered apartments to teachers in the school district adjacent to the company’s headquarters. Suddenly, she and her daughters were surrounded by something they'd been missing: time. 
Elizabeth works as a security guard for a major tech firm. She is also homeless. “Please remember that many of the homeless — and there are many more of us than is captured in the census — work in the same companies that you do," she said at a panel. 
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