1. Yes, this is true elder brother, which is why I strive to be clearer @timkellernyc, and in my clarity I’ve been labeled a racist & anti-Christ. Evangelicals didn’t do this, white evangelicals did. Who led the helm? White reformed “evangelical” leaders live yourself, beloved. https://twitter.com/timkellernyc/status/1390671263904014339
2. For years, you and others led a movement, or at best were influential in a movement called the “Young, Restless, & Reformed movement” or “The New Calvinist”. This movement was predominately made up of young white evangelical men as well as women. @timkellernyc.
3. Within this movement, leaders idolized knowledge & disregarded love and so a multitude of conferences were put on every year that massaged young white evangelicals minds & with that ego while never truly engaging their hearts so that they’d grow in empathy, compassion, or love
4. This movement created an army of culture warriors with really big heads & tiny hearts. By the time you wrote your book Generous Justice, it was too late. Many at SBTS hated that book & behind doors said you had fallen away. Students and professors. Hearts were hardened.
5. By the time some white evangelical leaders decided to speak about the hard heartedness, mind/heart disconnect, & even White Supremacy with white evangelicalism; it was too late. When @TGC’s MLK50 came around & @T4Gorg’s conference as well; the movement was already hardened.
6. I don’t know what happened at your church in New York, @timkellernyc, but I know the movement. And as a movement, white reformed evangelical leaders were ALL publicly silent while minorities languished. Voices did not speak till toxic culture was already firmly established.
7. I am w/ you that we should be specific, but are you dear brother? White evangelicals/evangelicalism did this. I can’t speak for all, but when I speak about American Evangelicals, I’m speaking about them b/c Evangelicalism in America is NOT a part of the global movement.
8. The black church is part of the global evangelical movement. Korean American churches, Hispanic churches, & a host of other ethnic “American” churches belong to the global evangelical movement. White Evangelicalism by & large does not. It is its own animal... & it has rabies.
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