The Bill Gates to Jeffrey Epstein connection is economic and rooted to Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. Go to Nasdaq and look at the institutional owners of oil and gas companies than go to their institutional owners all links to Microsoft & Gulf Bank
The British destroyed all Vatican trade nations in North American to build up Protestant Canada. Our graves were destroyed but Protestant gravestones remain showing the beneficiaries of the deportation. Gates is a name seen in old gravestones of Nova Scotia.
The elite in Canada are all buried from Wolvfsville to Halifax. Names like Harper, Ford, Black, Rogers, Thomson. Reuters. Saputo., Shaw, Weston, Galen are still CEOs and the richest because of nepotism and lack of inheritance tax. Canada never quashed the Feifdoms.
Neil Baker started in business managing the investment portfolios of Peter and Edward Bronfman. He built an investment firm that took advantage of tax loopholes allowing foreign ownership of Canadian assets using the fiefdoms as a vantage.
The Bank of Montreal and China have been fiscally interwoven for centuries. Since 1818.
All roads go to the Prime Minister’s office and Harper gave KPMG oversight over Canada Revenue Investigations. He sits about the Attorney General who is the Justice Minister and is at the top of RCMP chain of command. We cannot investigate any of it. My attempts are here.
Interesting tweet here.
Before Covid Elizabeth May warned how Canadian Ministry Departments are prioritizing corporate interests over public interests acting as promoter and regulators of their ministries. Corporate interests govern Canada today especially Big Pharma.
Ghislaine Maxwell’s sisters were involved with McKinley Group. Isabel Maxwell’s husband David Hayden was the CEO, Christine Maxwell, was the publisher, and Isabel the senior vice president who struck partnership deals with Microsoft, AT&T, and IBM.
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