so i’m thinking about doyu ningdou / beiguang again.......
yuta coming home to liyue after a really long trip out at sea, confused why the mood in the harbor is so solemn and grim. until he founds out the tianquan has fallen ill and retreated to his jade chamber for an unspecified period of time, leaving liyue in unrest and danger.
yuta is pissed off. firstly, just who the hell do these scumbag merchants think they are, sending liyue up in chaos just because the tianquan isn’t there. secondly, who the hell does the tianquan think he is hiding out in his jade chamber and leaving liyue all alone?
monsters have taken to the outskirts of liyue harbor, stirring up trouble and causing mayhem with nobody around to care. everybody is too busy trying to run the damn harbor without the tianquan, and it’s proving extremely difficult. yuta is shocked, but ultimately not surprised
looks like everyone finally realized just how much the tianquan does, and just how important he is to liyue. he was more than a lawmaker or a businessman. he kept structure and harmony in liyue, all without ever asking for something in return, because “it’s just my job”
“you dumb bastard” yuta thought to himself. “you’ve overworked yourself to death”
now even more pissed off, yuta races to try and get to the jade chamber to confront the tianquan, having to defend the harbor from an onslaught of monster attacks on the way.
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