Texas refused Faucism and now it has another problem, if my experience yesterday is telling. I'm never in my life seen traffic like this, from Dallas to Forth Worth to Irving and Denton and miles on all directions. Pure insanity. Express lanes stuffed, madness, impossible to
change lines, and an accident causes chaos. There infrastructure cannot keep up. It's a new New York City and exploding in population by the day. Everyone in TX knows to stay far away unless it is Sunday. Word is that California is basically moving here. Moving trucks everywhere.
What lockdowns seem to have caused is a historic geographic/demographic shift, away from despotism to freedom. And Texas does feel free. Only people wearing masks are services workers for large corps whose companies require it. Customers and citizens almost not at all,
not even in big cities. Talking to people as much as I can, I say that this last year of control was utterly pointless and destructive, and I've yet to find anyone who pushes back or disagrees.
Remember too that population movements mean wealth movements too, so Texas is going to rise and rise, along with Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and other open states. Meanwhile the NE/CA disaster is palpable, losing citizens daily, and experiencing a wealth drain too.
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