Institutions - identity-less.
State - Identity-less.
Army - Identity-less.

Imagine losing 1/3rd of your nation in the name of identity & then leaving your remaining state,army & institutions identity-less.
It's like Hs have no desire left of survive. No vision left to imagine.
State, army & institutions need some sort of identity o/w what else are they going to protect & serve? They will remain paralyzed to the fact that they might hurt the feelings of someone.
This vaccum that Hs have created by not imposing an identity is being filled by others.
Talk about aimless-ness and identity crisis.
There is a reason why India never cared to even speak for Hs of Bdesh & Pak.
That is bcz India has no identity.
Plus Indian media & intellectual circle has created such an equation that speaking for Pak/Bdesh Hs is by default taken as Anti-Muslim & hurtful to "Indian" Muslims.
It's a classic case of "tum roothe hum chhoothe" proverb.
Hs became leaderless hence H society couldn't impose identity on state/Institutions which resulted in institutions abandoning H society & becoming aggressive Seculars.

Overall result: Hs hv no state unlike Jews hv Israel.
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