There is a huge problem in our hands, but we ignore it as if it is not there. The challenge that logging and tree felling is posing in Nigeria is staggering. Most affected are Food trees such as Ogbono, Avocado, and many other food trees. #environment
In Nigeria, the challenge has gone beyond climate change or environmental degradation. We are losing a large number of food trees to activities of loggers and tree fellers who carry out their nefarious activities on the checked.
The major problem lies in the fact that many of the food trees are not planted on a commercial scale, what this means is that we depend on forest provisions. However, as the activities of loggers continue unchecked we all stand the risk of losing out. @UN @ProtectTree
Going by the current trend of loggers, tree fellers, and uncontrolled human encroachment in forest reserves, in the next 10 - 15 years we might start seeing a drastic disappearance of food trees. The effect is already here, especially with the high cost of food like Ogbono...
Avocado, and its likes which used to line our markets. We can all decide not to do anything and assume all is well. But it is not well if it Is already evident that our children would not enjoy the same food we enjoyed due to our destruction of what is meant for us all...
This is the time for environmentalists & environmental enthusiasts to rise against the destruction of our food trees. This is beyond #Climatechange this is standing up and protecting tomorrow today.

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