I saw a post about evolution that seemed to embody a popular misconception about evolution. Particularly, the question was asked "Why Monkeys Are No More Evolving To Humans?".

I'll try to explain Evolution as best I can in this thread. I'll start with the COVID 19 as an example.
Recently we heard of a South African strain of the virus that was more immune to the vaccine. What had happened was that the virus had evolved from its primary state to a more immune state.
Generally how this works is that every time an organism is faced with a biological (and in some cases, social challenge) and survives, it usually developed a biological resistance to such a a challenge. It then passes it on to the next generation, who face more challenges
And grow resistant, over several generations, the nature of the organism may change so much that it is difficult to tell the origin. This is what evolution really is. An organism changing over a long period of time.
For unicellular organisms, it is quite easy since the reproduce fast and not much energy is consumed in growth. So if it takes 1 hour for an organisation to reproduce, that means the evolutionary pace will be much faster than, let's say humans.
For humans and most advanced beings, it takes a lot longer to reproduce and nurture till adulthood. This means that evolution takes place for them over several thousands to billions of years.
Because evolution has a lot to do with environmental factors, it is not unusual to see that a species evolves differently in different environments. So, a home erectus may not always develop to a homo sapien. In fact the odds of two sets of the same species developing
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