So msmimz, aka a louise;

Firstly she said Willow (a far right account) was targeting her.

By these tweets she is implying Leesh & others have doxed her & made fake accounts.

Secondly, I was given one fake letter & sent another which heavily fked with my mental health.
I’ve been on Twitter a while now, spoke to many people in the DMs, groups ect. Not one person can ever confirm that I myself or any of these ladies dox people or make fake accounts to harass people. This is a lie & I’m tired of this lie & other accounts encouraging nonsense
These fake accounts that have been created to ‘target her', also target us. abuse Jas on another platform & all have a similar language style, they always pop up at very convenient times. We have always been suspicious & a louise hun I’m just not buying it anymore. I don’t care…
you can shout on Twitter for the rest of your days claiming this fakery 🥱 You said there was an ongoing police investigation concerning Willow, so how now all of a sudden it’s Leesh & co? I’ve seen you go back & forth between the two accusations over & over for months now.
I’ve always had my suspicions regarding the Harrogate account as knowing your language style it really looked like you were talking to yourself, again the mels account, I had my suspicions & then this popped up in my thread….
That fake account of me that popped up the other day, to many references there for me to know you were involved. Disgusting references .

I know you are incapable of stopping lies, & I know you & your new found lying friends are going to go disgustingly low now.
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