I've been wanting to write these things for a while now, knowing I'm probably going to ruffle some feathers on "my side": what's being done by Israel, my country, in East Jerusalem is wrong and it's inexcusable.
Jews, many of whom belonged to the Old Yishuv (what Picrew Twitter likes to call "Palestinian Jews") were completely ethnically cleansed from East Jerusalem by the Jordanian army in 1948. What was done to them was a war crime.
However, if you seek to right this wrong while deliberately ignoring the plight of Palestinians who are the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those ethnically cleansed from Lod, Haifa, Ashkelon etc. you are very clearly a hypocrite.
I will not be entertaining any talks about "right" or narratives. Things happened, the documents are plenty.
Now, I don't think the Palestinian refugee plight can feasibly be solved by re-population in Israel, nor do I think it is the moral solution towards all the parties involved. This is exactly why I can never support the same kind of attitude on my side.
There absolutely is an effort to judaize Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan. It's being done in the name of historic justice, but on the way to achieving this "justice", people of lower legal status who never enjoyed equal rights since their annexation are being further disenfranchised.
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