Left is a global phenomena, not restricted to India. Today I will try to break the nexus between Left and its stake Holders
🇨🇳 started covid 19 as a Bio war Tool against Trump and rest of the world, not only to destabilize economy, but also to Relaunch Left Globally with the stake holders like Soran and Bill gates (2)
Post April 2020, China was free from covid. The more debatable one is only Wuhan got affected during covid and rest of China was unaffected. (3)
Most of the countries had multiple waves and some waves were life threatening. Even today world is clueless on spread. Some says it is Airborne and some says it is rapidly transmitted (4)
But who got benefited out of this. The Pharma Industry. In order to control the spread of Virus, Many Countries including 🇮🇳 focused on vaccination.(5)
We Did incredible job in creating our own Vaccination to reduce our dependency on other countries particularly China (6)
Till March, India was doing amazing Job in containing virus and simultaneously vaccinating the citizen. Oppositions in India tried everything to discredit India's effort. China and Left knows, world will face not only new variant but also shortage of vaccination (7)
Trump lost the election and left regained the lost ground. Now left focused on 🇮🇳,as India with strong Government, moving ahead. (8)
Since Dec, the world body tried every thing to defame India on Farm Law, Minority un safe agenda, separatism, violent protest. When They were unable to Crack Govt, they launched Bio war against India
They know politically India have no unity. They used this an opportunity to trap pro-People Government which en cashed by opositions in India who hate Modi and can go any extent to create the atmosphere against Modi.(9)
In a way, they have succeeded in that. Congress and left doesn't even care about election. Their only aim was to dent Modi's image. And unfortunately with the help of Global support, they are succeeded in making core BJP supporters against BJP.(10)
Covid 2021 is the Bio weapon used by China and Rest of world and our shameless oppositions en cashed it to target Modi (11
Secondly, violence in recently concluded Bengal election, where many BJP karyakartas were killed, Rapped used as a tool to defame the BJP top brass and make conflicts with in the Party.
Even Congress and left workers were killed, but they kept mum and instigated the common public against BJP top brass for not doing anything for his own people and create conflicts amongst the Largest pool of Karyakartas, which is Party's core strength
In UP, congress and SP back with divisive politics but this time they have plan B. They want to beat BJP with their own ideology.(14)
Yati was deliberately planted by SP and congress to cut Hindus Vote, so the SP will focus on Yadav votes, BSP on Dalit and congress on Muslims
If Yogi Ji looses UP, its a biggest loss not only for the people of UP, but country at large. If BJP wins UP with good margin, it will give much needed booste in RS for BJP to bring more bold reforms
Now take look of this thread and understand the conspiracy theory against the nation. People with same ideology can have differences and also has rights to show dissant,but we should be united when the country needed the more. BJP is the last hope for all of us.
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