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When Izuku was in college, he had fallen in love. Young and bright as he was, he had fallen for an Alpha that was beyond his league.

He didn’t know that his attraction was mutual. And one night, one mistake led him down-
The current path he is in now.

Carrying a pup without a sire was difficult, but he made it through. His stress and continued problems led him to be slightly larger than normal Omegas. When he gave birth, he continued to eat from the stress piled on by the extra fat from the-
Pregnancy. Now, he was holding an ash-blonde pup with no sire and didn’t look attractive enough to society’s standards.

He didn’t mind, though. He had still gotten his dream job as an author and was fortunate enough to work from home to care for his pup. He had made a name for-
Himself and got to save enough to live a perfect life as a single parent.

During the day, Izuku’s time is spent with his pup and writing his drafts for his latest series, “The Explosive Hero: Dynamight!” that had been a huge hit since it debuted.

At night, however, Izuku is-
Haunted by those red eyes that bore into his green ones, the blonde hair that glistened under the dim lights. The heavy scent of cinnamon spice wafted in the air.

“Kacchan...” Izuku whimpers as he remembers his first love, giving away all his firsts to the powerful Alpha that-

That day he found out he conceived, he hid from his love, Bakugou Katsuki, the most popular person in his college. He transferred to a new school and hid away. He couldn’t bear the thought of such an amazing person being defiled by his own mistake. It had been years since-

Though the nightmares remained as an effect, Izuku continued to live his life.

One day, while at a book signing, he was happily hidden behind a mask, signing books of his fans, happy to see all his fans passionately talk about their theories. The Omega looked away for a-
Second, not realizing the next person in line was a tall, intimidating Alpha with a familiar scent.

“And he was tall and confident, a true hero with a smile that shines brightly despite his crude behavior, a true symbol of Victory,” a husky, growling voice reaches the freckled-
Male’s ears. When his green eyes looked up, he trembled when he saw the familiar fiery red eyes that haunt his dreams, “Can’t forget about me no matter how far you got away from me.”

A handsome smirk, sharp and bright, is all Izuku sees before he squeals in fear, trying to run-
Away only to get grabbed and dragged away by the blonde man.

When they turned the corner Izuku was pushed to the wall, whimpering as he tried to find a way out of his current predicament. He was completely trapped between large arms, covered in inked tattoos, and forced to look-
At the good-smelling Alpha.

“Kacchan,” he whined, “I-I—”

“What the fuck happened between us, Deku?” Katsuki interrupted, his eyes looking hurt, “Why the fuck did you leave me...I thought- fuck! I thought we were...” he trailed off. He was being unusually emotional, probably-
Unprepared for their meeting.

Izuku looked away, his heart breaking into pieces as he watched his one and only crush break down. It had been too long and they had never spoken about what happened.

“I...wasn’t suited for you...” he finally said, “I’m still not, especially not-

“What the fuck are you talking about, shitty Deku?” The Alpha growled, upset at the undervalued tone, “You look absolutely stunning, I can’t get you out of my head.”

The Omega wanted to be swallowed whole. He just didn’t know what to do. He had not planned on ever-
Meeting with the blonde or have to explain his situation.

He just didn’t want to deal with it.

“I’m sorry, I-I think we should just leave it,” Izuku said, not maintaining eye contact with the other.

Katsuki growled, low and threatening, “You’re not going fucking anywhere,
It took me forever to find you.”

The Alpha had grown far more handsome. Even when he snarls, he looked good with his face wrinkled and those sharp fangs that could bite down on anything, he was perfect. Izuku shook his head away from the thoughts, scolding his Omega for getting-
Those thoughts.

“Why? Kacchan, I’m not worth your time, look at me!” he exclaims, frustrated.

“I GET TO DECIDE WHO I WANT AND I WANT YOU!” The blonde roared, gaining the attention of the nearby audience. He sighs, “Let’s meet up later, I’ll wait for you.”

And that was all,
Izuku had always been following the Alpha’s whims, he was a magnetic that wouldn’t let go.

When the signing event finished, the Omega trudged his way to the fancy car with a handsome blonde leaning on the vehicle, wearing sunglasses that block his eyes. Izuku whimpered as he-
Was pushed inside, letting the Alpha know that he didn’t have too much time as he needed to be home soon.

“Then we’ll go to your place,” he smirked.

“NO!” At that Izuku growled back, feeling more possessive of his home and pup, “Just let’s quickly get this over with.”
The Alpha frowned, “Is this about the pup?” he quickly asked, causing the Omega to gasp in shock.

“Y-You knew?!”

“Of fucking course! People from the school you transferred to, sent me photos!” the blonde grumbled, “I was gonna try to convince you to come back, but I thought...
You were upset.”

There was a prolonged silence, no one said a word.

“...Take me home,” Izuku finally said, breaking the ice that was formed between both of them.

The Alpha made a surprised voice but obliged, asking for the address and quickly heading there. When they-
Arrived at the apartment, quiet and private, they were met with the smallest child with blonde hair and green eyes.

“Mama!!” the pup squealed jumping into their dam’s arms.

“Little pup...” Izuku purred, happy to see his child all happy.

Their attention was diverted to the-
Stranger suddenly releasing extremely happy pheromones. They hid under the Omega’s chin, curiously peeking out, trying to familiarize the random stranger’s scent, but relaxing.

Instincts in pups are stronger as they learn through scents and actions. The Alpha’s scent was-
Familiar yet foreign and seeing the happiness in the blonde’s face was proof of a connection.

When they officially entered the humble abode, minimal and quiet, yet warm, the three members sat at the table to discuss everything. The cooling tea was all that kept the air from-
Being less awkward.

“S-So...” Izuku started.

“Um...where should I start?” Katsuki struggled, rubbing the back of his head. He took a deep breath and explained his story, speaking about when his experiences when Izuku began to avoid him and when he found out. How he found his-
Story years later and his need to meet the Omega once more.

Izuku listened, trembling slightly but remained calm. His heart broke once more when he listened to how much the Alpha missed him, wanted him, and cried for him when he learned the truth.

Izuku cried as well.
It was so hard and he didn’t realize the bond he broke when he left. How much it hurt both of them.

So they talked, Izuku put his pup to bed, and they talked. They caught up and Katsuki scolded Izuku for thinking that he wasn't worth it.

“That’s /my/ pup, too! We could’ve-
Made the choice, /together/. Fuck whatever others think, I literally liked you,” he grumbled.

“Liked? You don’t anymore,” Izuku pouted, trying to make light of the air but only made it worse when the Alpha quickly corrected himself.

YOU...and I probably will...forever,” he said, looking into Izuku’s bright green eyes.

They had moved to the couch for a more comfortable place to talk and they were close. Very close. The space between their faces lowly closed as their eyes fluttered shut and their lips-
Connected into a deep, sweet kiss.

Their tongues clashed together, Izuku gasping and moaning at that fire he felt in his lower abdomen.

“I love you,” the Alpha whispered when they broke away.

Izuku’s face was flushed, completely red, and dazed. His eyes were dark and diluted,
His breath was taken away as he couldn’t form the words that day.

But from then on, with proper courting from the Alpha, they slowly made their way to be back together once more. The spark in each other’s love burned into a bright flame that couldn’t be put out.

Their future-
Was uncertain. But Izuku knew, he wasn’t alone in the world, anymore. He had his Alpha with him.
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