Maybe I'm not thinking big enough 🤔

I'm sitting here tonight, looking at different business structuring options for managing all my different activities (writing, consulting, coaching, art, maybe desert AirBnB) and trying to think about what comes next after this summer
Like I have these 40 acres in the desert

It's been really fun so far, I wanna keep building it out

My primary complaint is that it's kinda lonely sometimes

And like, it's easy enough to build it out piecemeal

But I have this vision for what it could be
So like, imagine that I had infinite money for a sec

What would I do? I'd immediately buy the 120 acres surrounding me for starters--80 behind me and 40 just south

I would then proceed to build some rad walls around it, adobe style
And then you drill a well, 30-50k, so you have tons of water available for landscaping without water haul

Clear and area for a big solar farm, get some massive battery banks

You use the well to handle landscaping type stuff so you can maintain a lusher area than surroundings.
Build yourself a literal little oasis, get some date trees and fruit trees going in the central area... literal walled desert garden

Next you portion off sections, make a little camp basically. Get housing set up, amenities, rent housing cheaply to people who wanna play desert
Bring in skilled people for work trade, start getting buildings up--living compound area, ag area, grow desert foods, farm area. You can have animals because there are enough people that it's not a big deal if people wanna go travel individually.

Obviously there are llamas.
And then large chunks of it are set aside for functional purposes. Carve out an amphitheater area with adobe seating for concerts/parties/theater if people are into that

Get a sculpture garden going along walking paths you cut through the desert areas with native vegetation
I'm imagining some very cool walking paths to wander that have like beautiful sculptures made from found materials (or whatever) and benches for sitting, chilling, hanging out in the desert

Carve out a quarry area with obstacles for paintball for people who wanna do that

Expand as you like from there

You set up a front area as basically a visitor hotel/AirBnb situation and market it as this like rad artist destination thing, not a cult, not a commune, it's a commercial venture with some people who live their full time and pay rent/trade skills
This could be very, very cool

Total cost to do all this is probably in the $1M-$2.5M range

It's a lot but not impossible

So my next question is assuming I wanted to do this, how to fund
Well, actually that might not be so tricky, especially as you start to plan it out and do it piecemeal

There are lots number of grants you can apply for in a rural area for a biz that brings jobs

Actually with a baked business plan funding might be ez, bring in a few investors
This seems very achievable if I actually wanted to do it

Like I clearly have skin in the game, I already am here and could front the land assets at a minimum

I know how to manage projects and lead a team

So I guess the question is, do I wanna do this? Or do I just wanna screw around by myself on my 40 acres with a guest cabin or two and invite friends once in a while

Lots to think about

Need to let this one sit for a bit

Not a cult

Let me be clear: NOT A CULT
Oh this gives me a cool idea

I could EASILY fund a magick study program as part of this for people who want that

Or who just wanna learn to build stuff

Call it the Liminal Warmth School for People Who Want to Magick Good and Do Other Stuff Good Too
I'm not being manic guys, I'm just spitballing

Interesting ideas

Not sure if I feel like executing on any of it

Gonna think about it
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