OMG Starship Troopers is so anti-american it's hilarious.
Not the book, which Verhoeven considered juvenile fascist crap (correct).
The so-called golden age of science fiction lol lol lol
From what I understand is the Nazi uniforms don't show up in the script –dumbass studio and producers did not realize what Verhoeven was doing until it was too late. But then again it made gobs of money so who cares.
I saw the movie in Chicago when it came out. Full house. Kids yelling yeah kill 'em bugs and clapping and hollering at the end and I was like uhh wut.
Verhoeven is kind of a low-key scholar of fascism. His daughter is a known historian of Stalinist Russia.
We didn't know it at the time but Starships Troopers was a great preview of the Bush regime.
I don't understand how the higher ups let that fly. I just don't. Or maybe there are closet cultural marxists at the studios?
the level of detail in the satire is pure hatred of America and American movies
I had totally forgotten that Sue Ellen Mischki is in Starship Troopers
Daladier, who signed the Munich accords in 1938, is such a dig at Captain Picard lol
The Federal Transport Authority has hyperloop capsules
The ultimate insult is that bugs shit plasma missiles
After spending the past few months reading on and off about nuclear weapons design I can tell you that in the future they must have invented new super-efficient explosives to implode a plutonium pit because that nuke seems awfully small
The smallest you can do for prompt criticality is 11.5kg of plutonium, that's roughly a human fist, with a hole in the center of the sphere for a fission booster. But you also need the explosive lense around it. That doesn't cut it sorry.
love it when people describe Heinlein as "left wing libertarian" - there is no such thing sorry
Outstanding. Absolutely outstanding. "IT'S AFRAID!" omg. Outstanding.
Makes sense. This is the same director who made Showgirls.
I wonder what Verhoeven would/could have made with a star trek series – he'd blow it up from the inside. .
All sci-fi is Verhoeven but without the satire.
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