CBC The National's coverage of the Vance matter is just terrible. First of all, the matter began in 2015, not 2018, when the Harper government apparently knew of a police investigation but appointed the CDS anyway (and the investigation died within hours). /2 #cdnpoli
2/ Then, the Ombudsman received a complaint but the complainant wouldn't give him permission to pass on the information or her identity - and she indicated that she would not participate in an investigation. /3
3/ The Ombudsman, no fan of the Liberals, testified as much. Instead, the CBC characterized the Committee appearance of Katie Telford as a "hot seat" and permitted opposition members to get away with wondering if the PMO staff told the PM. /4
4/ What would they tell him? They knew nothing except that there had been a complaint, the nature of which they did not know because they were not told. And, it isn't even correct procedure for politicians to do investigating. /5
5/ And, what was there to investigate, really, considering that the Ombudsman had been directed *not* to pass on any information. Testimony is that all he said was that there had been a complaint. Well, that's lots to go on. /6
6/ And, then, the CBC decided to make the whole thing about the Liberals' "brand". Would that brand be enhanced by outing a woman who was determined not to provide any information for the purposes of an investigation? I don't think so.
So, if the story is that a complainant doesn't feel that there is a safe way to make a complaint about members of the military, that's the issue, and that's what has to change, and the government is responsible for action on that change.
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