Reflections on Afro-Indigenous identity, motherhood and the power of hair:

“Growing up Black and Indigenous on the Prairies meant not seeing many others like me...for much of my childhood, I thought my sister and I were the only ones.” #BlackOnThePrairies
The Special Jury Prize—Canadian Feature Documentary—was presented to “One of Ours”, Directed by @Yazbegrams

From the jury: “This coming of age story adeptly and lovingly examines the nuances of race, sexuality and family." #Indigenous Via @hotdocs
Black-Indigenous/Afro-Indigenous Experience

NATALIE BALL (Black, Modoc, Klamath)
MARTHA REDBONE (Cherokee, Choctaw, Shawnee, African-American descent)
AMBER STARKS aka Melanin Mvskoke (Muscogee/Creek Citizen)
Stephen Qacung Blanchett (Yupik, African-Amer)
NACF: Black-Indigenous/Afro-Indigenous Experience:

Black-Indigenous/Afro-Indigenous people “examining the relationships between black and Native cultural identities, notions of community recognition, artistic practice and activism #NACFforBlackLivesMatter
What It Means to Be Both Black and Indigenous:

-Autumn Rose Williams
-Anthony Tamez-Pochel
-Lilian Sparks Robinson

“the Center for Native American Youth hosted the event Celebrating Black & Indigenous Excellence as part of its Tele-Native Youth Series”
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