Was “Jewish supremacy” responsible for the events in #AlAqsaMosque tonight? Of course not. It was Zionist white supremacy and settler colonialism.

Those who continue using this jargon wittingly (LibZios) and unwittingly (some comrades) assist Zionist propaganda.
Tonight was an attack on every Palestinian, every Muslim, every person of the global south and their allies.
white supremacy, imperialism, Islamophobia and patriarchy – lie at the very core of the white supremacist Zionist movement which has victimized and brutalised Palestinians for more than seven decades now. Other victims of white supremacy are natural allies
Seeing and resisting oppression through the lens of intersectionality galvanises lessons of past anti-colonial movements and helps break apart the fictitious political narratives of white supremacy, imperialism, racism and patriarchy.
Furthermore, the recognition that various oppressed peoples have common enemies serves to reinforce solidarity between them and assists in principled grassroots movements, such as BDS.
It is not by chance that Zionist think tanks have recognized intersectionality and CRT as threats in their current policy papers.
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