If you're looking to grow your Twitter following, posting at least 1 to 2 threads per week providing actionable advice is extremely helpful.

Adding relevant images and videos helps boost impressions as well.

Try it out if you're looking to gain more followers.
Now that I've written a few threads, I think the copywriting tactics behind them are very interesting.

You're limited to 280 characters, so your language needs to be precise but engaging as well.

A delicate balance and not easy to do.

Some thoughts below:
My best threads have done more than provide actionable advice.

You need more than that.

Each tweet in a thread needs to constantly "hook" your reader and get them to read the next tweet.

Flow is critical.

But there's more.
At every step of the way, you need to ask yourself, "Why should the reader continue reading?"

That's why the header of a thread must evoke curiosity and describe the benefit that can be achieved from reading the thread.

Add an image or video to the first tweet if you can.
It's very easy for threads to become disjointed.

You have all these thoughts in your head, and your message can get lost because you can't simplify your language.

It's very important to explain your points step by step.

Break out each idea into its own tweet.
Another important technique is to incorporate storytelling.

There are accounts that have become massive by distilling elaborate stories from history and biographies (i.e. Wikipedia summaries) into easy to digest stories with a few main lessons.

Test it out.
I realize I've followed none of the rules for writing threads that I discussed in this thread.

But I don't care.

At least you got some actionable advice out of it if you got this far.
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