Friday nite feature. 🍿 A thread on the most helpful predictive programming movies that benefit me daily in navigating the current shadowy reality we live in. A crash course in how movies prime the masses for elite agendas. The people, the plan, preparedness.
1. The people. “Idiocracy.” This movie is stupid. However, there’s one scene that is useful. The President’s Cabinet repeats the marketing phrase “the body needs electrolytes” to justify watering crops with a sugary drink. They cannot understand why the crops are dying.
I cannot tell you how useful this scene in “Idiocracy” has been in teaching me how to adjust messaging. I thanked the friend who made me agree to watch it, knowing I would hate it. But if you have to talk around “safe & effective” this is a lifeline.
2. The plan. “V is for Vendetta” this movie is DARK. Only watch if you can focus on the plot, & block the brutality. It is the mental rehearsal for how a nation would readily accept a Surveillance State w/digital currency & social credit. A contrived illness affecting children.
3. Preparedness. “The Big Short.” This movie explains the mortgage crisis of 2008, as the test run for the reset. The economic system is so corrupt, that only land, water, & self sufficiency will be worth anything by 2030.
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